New Program for Pre-School Age Children

The program is called Waterford Upstart and it has been funded through generous philanthropic donors in AR and approved for pilot program this year, making the resource completely free to participating families. I wanted to reach you as an influential community leader to ask for your help guiding our efforts to reach families who could benefit from such a valuable resource. The main program details are as follows:
Eligibility: DOB between Sept 2nd 2016 and Sept 1st 2017
Target Demographic: 185% FPL, but all students welcome
Usage Requirement: 15 minutes a day/5 days a week
Equipment issued: Computer (able to be kept after program, internet (provided if needed)
Curriculum: Reading (required) and Math or Science (optional)
Usage: Through September 22nd 2022
Each family is paired with a program coach, Waterford Upstart forms partnerships with parents and caregivers to ensure all children obtain the education necessary for success in school. While the curriculum is in English, families are supported in English and Spanish, with translation services offered for additional languages, as needed. Social-emotional learning is modeled in the software learning sequence and developed by parents and caretakers through off-line activities.
Parents will receive weekly responsive, live coaching from Upstart’s program coaches. They will also receive email communications and parent Mentor app messages that guide parents in understanding child development and better supporting their child’s cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Upstart can also be used as a parent engagement and empowerment strategy in coordination with District PreK and Head Start.
Waterford Upstart is a turn-key program, we only seek support helping us to get the word out to families who could benefit from participating. Enrollment closes October 15th prompting an urgent need to communicate this to families who may be interested. I am asking for your assistance getting this information to your families and community members. I appreciate your time. I would love the opportunity to connect and set up a time to discuss this resource at greater length with me by telephone or videoconference as soon as you are able. I’ve added a flyer for your reference. Parents can REGISTER here or by calling 888-982-9898

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